2014 Project

Kiaora! Steve Maina here – I’m the National Director of NZCMS. It’s great to have you here. During 2014 NZCMS hopes to bring groups of African leaders and workers to New Zealand to support local communities, parishes, churches, schools and iwi in their evangelistic, social and spiritual development.

Why are we planning this?

The New Zealand Church Missionary Society and the New Zealand Christian Network are turning traditional mission upside down to celebrate 200 years of the gospel in New Zealand. Traditionally, mission has meant going ‘over there’. During 2014 African and Asian missionaries will be making their way over here to support local New Zealand communities, parishes, churches, schools and iwi in their evangelistic, social and spiritual development.

2014 marks the bicentennial of the Christian gospel’s arrival in New Zealand through Chief Ruatara’s invitation of CMS missionary Samuel Marsden. The New Zealand Church Missionary Society (NZCMS) initiative picks up both the missional DNA of the early CMS in New Zealand and links with what God is doing in New Zealand today.

Several Maori leaders say they can see a fresh stirring of the Holy Spirit amongst Maori. The Bible Society normally sells between 100-200 Maori Bibles a year. During the last four years they have sold over 1,000 per year. We are also seeing more leaders and local churches being re-awakened to the centrality of the gospel in our bicultural beginnings. They are looking to discern a more indigenous expression of what it means to be kiwi Christians and discovering ways to encourage evangelism amongst Maori and Pakeha.

The Team 2014 Project is designed to complement existing initiatives in New Zealand, or be the basis for new ones. Teams can be as small as 3 or large as 10 and stay from 2 weeks to 2 months.

Teams will include key leaders who are internationally respected and able to speak around the issues of gospel and mission. There are a number of African and Asian artists keen to come and minister in schools, churches, student groups and communities. Evangelism teams are available to work with local churches to serve and impact their communities with the gospel. Lastly teams of students and student workers are able to come to support evangelism amongst youth and young adults.

The specifics


NZCMS is seeking to bring over teams during the months of April and October 2014.

There are four categories of teams:

1. Evangelists and evangelism teams
These are men and women confident in the gospel, aware of cross-cultural communication, and committed to loving, serving and sharing the good news of Jesus with creativity and clarity.

2. Internationally respected leaders and speakers
These are men and women internationally-known for their ability to communicate Jesus in secular environments with warmth, intelligence and clarity.

3. Artists
These are musicians, painters and dancers who are brilliant at their craft and have a passion to reflect Jesus through it.

4. Student leaders and student workers
These young men and women are passionate about engaging students with the good news of the gospel on campus and in your city.These leaders are keen to serve you by proclaiming Jesus in your community during 2014.