We’ve compiled a selection of articles, photos, stories and ideas to resource reflection and celebration during 2014. These resources are for group, church and personal use, we do ask that you would accurately credit and reference the authors where possible.

- A Tapestry of Faithfulness, by Sophia Sinclair (from Retrospective 2013-14)

On Friday 12 April 1799 a group of 25 men gathered in a room in the Castle and Falcon Hotel in London. They had been meeting there regularly for years as the ‘Eclectic Society’. Eclectic is certainly the right word to describe them – merchants, businessmen, a silk trader, an upholsterer, a skinner, a surgeon and a number of clergy. Among them were two familiar names – William Wilberforce and John Newton… Download full article

- Re-shaping Justice, by Sophia Sinclair. Thursday 17 October 2013

This week one of our country’s spiritual leaders will spend the majority of his time in a makeshift cell. The Anglican Bishop of Wellington, Justin Duckworth, will reside in a small, fenced-in chamber outside the local Cathedral to pray for criminals and their victims. This provocative act is designed to draw attention to ineffective aspects of New Zealand’s justice system and encourage thoughtful reform… Download full article

- One People at Waitangi, by Mark Grace

2013 Waitangi Day was our country and kiwis at their best. The welcome was warm and the atmosphere relaxed. Thousands of New Zealanders of all shapes, colors, sizes and standing enjoyed a delightful day of celebration for the whole family… Download full article

- The Gospel and the Treaty of Waitangi, by Mark Grace

New Zealand is in the midst of a healthy conversation over our identity. This has led many New Zealand Christians to ask ‘what is our identity as Christ followers in these Islands?’ I believe we can turn to two sources, one primary and one secondary, one ancient, one historical, but both incredibly important for our life and mission in NZ… Download full article

- Communicating the Gospel and the New Zealand Story, by Mark Grace

In 2014 we will celebrate the 200th year since the Christian gospel arrived in New Zealand. As we approach this momentous occasion we need to consider how to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ to kiwis in a way they will hear it… Download full article


Written by Gina Taggart


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