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A different Sunday morning in Kondoa

We decided to go to the first service in Kondoa's church one recent Sunday. We were enjoying the singing of one of the choirs after the reading of a passage from Ephesians and then the gospel reading. Next would come the sermon.

Looking across to the side of the church a man started crumpling and fortunately had a couple of men come to his rescue before he hit the floor. A few of us helped to escort him out of the church to a seat in the fresh air. Maybe because it was a 7.30 am service he had not eaten anything and was suffering from lack of food was one suggestion. But the way his feet dragged as he was escorted made me think it was more like a stroke so the order was given to rush him to the local hospital which we did.

Soon after that we saw a doctor who diagnosed that he had had a stroke and needed to be admitted to one of the wards with medicine to drastically reduce his blood pressure! After a lot of close care from a number of us, at 3.30pm I escaped to reunite with Chris and hear about the rest of the service. It was then I remembered a good rule for starting a day: always have some food and drink before leaving the house! I had broken that rule this morning and had my breakfast rather late!! The patient is recovering slowly.

2 thoughts on “A different Sunday morning in Kondoa

  1. Hi Peter and Christine. Praying God’s blessings on you and daily protection. We’re enjoying life in PN, although we will be going through another, “is this where you want us to be” exploration with God early next year. Kaye finishes her post-grad nursing in June 2016. I’m volunteering for Christians Against Poverty. Both the children (adults) are in Wellington so out next home may be closer to the capital … or overseas … or

    Blessings Chris

  2. Wow, Peter, what a Sunday. It sounds like you were rather lucky not to have passed out yourself from lack of food. When in India I always carry food in my bag, in case of this type of event.

    I was lucky enough to meet and speak with Bishop Given at the Church of the Saviour in Blockhouse Bay on last Sunday. It was terrific to hear him speak and to actually meet him.

    I love the colourful dresses the ladies are wearing. May God be with you and Chris. We (at St Michaels) pray for you often. God Bless

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