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A Place at The Table

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus this year, let us not forget that Jesus was not born in the home town of his parents. His parents had been on a journey, there was no room at the inn, there were no invitations and so they made do in a stable. We challenge you this Christmas to remember a stranger amongst us. Studies in Asia have shown that the majority of Asian church leaders have spent time living overseas. This is a time when they were exposed to Christianity and became curious enough to learn more, so much so that now they are Christian leaders back in their homelands. Maybe you know a foreigner in our midst: a foreign student; an overseas worker; or another new resident to our shores. We ask you to take that first missional step and invite them to your church or to your home during this season so that they can learn what and who it is that we celebrate at Christmas time. Just an invite is all you need to do, then prayerfully ask God to do his work in them.

From the team at NZCMS we wish you all many blessings and family times, as we remember the birth of one small baby born 2000 years ago who changed the world for us all.

The NZCMS office will be closed from Thursday 21 December and reopen on Wednesday 3 January 2018.

3 thoughts on “A Place at The Table

  1. Good thoughts Heather – it’s a good time to remember and include those who might feel lonely and out of place at Christmas.
    We, at Anglican Missions Wellington wish you all at NZCMS – both staff and Mission Partners, many blessings this Christmas.
    Kind regards,

  2. You might like to have a look at Kenneth Baillie’s (sp?) material regarding what is more likely to have happened for Joseph and Mary at Christmas. The theme is still hospitality, but there is actually no mention of a stable in the biblical accounts.

    1. Quite right Glenda. A manger was a fairly common babie’s crib, and so people assume today that manger equals stable …either way…a lovely story …and a great time for celebrating the ” reason for the season” kind regards. Mike

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