Our fantastic staff team is based in Christchurch, New Zealand

Steve Maina
National Director

As National Director Steve Maina leads the NZCMS ship, and spends time developing the ‘big picture’, creating and maintaining partnerships and making sure everything ticks along smoothly. Steve is an ordained Anglican minister and a gifted public speaker – you’ll often find him in pulpits around the country passionately advocating God’s mission.

Lesley Smith
Personnel Director

Our Personnel Director Lesley Smith is responsible for the pastoral care and support of our overseas partners. Lesley has lived cross-culturally for many years and brings a wealth of skills and experience to her role at NZCMS. She has a Masters in Christian Spirituality from the University of London and is passionate about most sports and anything to do with the great outdoors.

Kirstin Cant
Youth Mobiliser

NZCMS Youth Mobiliser Kirstin Cant is passionate about challenging young people to know God and get involved with what he is doing in our world. She is enthusiastic about encouraging them to live a missional lifestyle as a response to Jesus’ holistic ministry of love and justice.

Anne Allen
Finance Manager

Anne Allen is our resident ‘systems’ guru using her practical and organisational skills to keep the financial and admin side of the NZCMS office running smoothly. Anne worked in administration for a number of years before fusing her love for all things practical with her passion for all things mission.

Heather Fraser
Executive Assistant

Heather is our part-time Executive Assistant. With a degree in marketing and Japanese and fifteen years in the corporate marketing world she is relieved to be able to put all she has learnt and experienced into a Christian working context. Her wide range of working skills, computing and international experience, means she can keep up with a wide range of tasks sent her way on a daily basis.

H.R. (Human Relations)

Looks can be deceiving. You may see a cute ball of fluff, but Timmy is all about fostering healthy work environments. He received his education while mentoring Heather and her daughter in a live-learn environment. He is bilingual, having spent a great amount of time within a fully immersive Chinese context. His primary role in the office is to welcome new-comers while also providing a listening ear to stressed workers.