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Our Intern, Hannah, leaves for Fiji today!

Over the past few months, I have been learning a lot about myself, mission and God through the internship program with NZCMS as a part of my preparing to go to Fiji. I found myself reflecting and reminding myself that God is just as much as in the small stuff as He is in the big picture. While spending five months in Fiji, is a pretty major life event, I am realising that much of my day will not look that different from my current day. I will still be interacting with other teachers and children. Reminding myself that even when I am changing nappies God is still working and moving.

As part of the training, I also took a deeper look at understanding what is brokenness and poverty. I found many similarities between what the course was saying and New Zealand’s Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whāriki. In that it is important to view from a holistic view, in recognising that poverty is more than just a lack of material items.  So in order to support people we need to empower them to make a difference, which all comes down to strong relationships.

I leave to Fiji today, 28 January. Please pray for:

·         The final stages of preparations

·         Safe travel

·         That I settle in quickly

·          The children, Sisters and staff of St. Christopher’s home

·         For my family and friends in New Zealand