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Audrey Neureuter

Audrey Neureuter, one of NZCMS' longest serving Mission Partners and an honorary life member, passed away peacefully on Sunday. The funeral will be held this Friday, 11am at St John's Woolston. The following is a short reflection about Audrey written by Jonathan Carson. 

I first met Audrey as a child living in Pakistan when I was 9. She had just arrived in Karachi in 1956 and came to stay with us for a few days before moving further North. I remember her as someone who laughed a lot and who got on famously with my mother. Years later I joined Audrey in Karachi in 1974 with my young family. By this time she was well established in her Sunday School Publications ministry. She had brought together a team of young men with plenty of talent but who needed a guiding hand. The passing years had not diminished her enjoyment of life and ready humour. She was very highly regarded by the people she worked with and especially the children that she visited in the slums to take her Sunday School programmes to.

However I was engaged in a different programme, so only occasionally got to see her in action. We did see much more of her in the church we both went to where we joined in worship, prayer and Bible studies. In the early 1980’s a renewal movement swept through some of the churches in Karachi and we shared with Audrey in the meetings, seminars and retreats that came out of that movement.

She was diligent and faithful, kind and generous, positive and cheerful. No matter how involved she was in Sunday School Publications and curriculum development, Audrey never lost sight of the fact that people were her primary focus. She left an abiding legacy in the lives of many, many people in Pakistan and New Zealand of self-giving love.

(Picture: Audrey teaching Sunday School many years ago.)

5 thoughts on “Audrey Neureuter

  1. Audrey was a sparkling example to us all and we thank God greatly for her life and service with NZ CMS. Jonathan’s tribute says it all. May and I are sorry we cannot join other friends and colleagues of Audrey at her funeral – we are in the. north Island at the moment.

  2. Audrey was faithfulness personified in her service for the Lord. It was never easy, working as a single woman in Pakistan, and she faced some difficult challenges, but always with faith and cheerfulness. After she returned to NZ she continued as a faithful NZCMS supporter and pray-er, and was a regular at the weekly NZCMS prayer meeting, and support group. She provided hospitality when she had the opportunity, and also faithfully supported her local church, St John’s, Woolston. The Lord’s accolade is surely being given to her: “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

  3. Yes, Dear Audrey!! Many times I was with her in Pakistan in the olden days. Her home at 247 in Karachi was a place of hospitality, rest and loving attention to the guests’ every need. Her ministry was remarkably blessed of God. She was a meticulous pharmacist at Sukkur. Then in Karachi and later in Lahore she was so faithful in promoting Sunday School teaching to hundreds of kids and adults. Then there was her ministry in New Zealand. I can just imagine the host of people who greeted her in Heaven when she arrived. They were people who knew the Savior because of her ministry. We were blessed to know her! May God use her memory to spur us on to greater efforts for Jesus!

  4. As a student in the late 50’s I was inspired by the example of Audrey Neureuter and what challenged me most was the fact that before she set her foot in Pakistan, she made it her business to know about and pray for the places and people where she would be working. Not surprising that she was so loved and so effective in her ministry. Thank you, Lord, for Audrey.

  5. Thank you. I remember hearing of her ministry on NZ visits,May she rest in peace and rise in glory.

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