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Celebrating Janet Close

We give God thanks for the life of Mrs Janet Close, who died in Christchurch, New Zealand, on Sunday 14 August, aged 78.  Janet served the Lord with NZCMS at Livingstone College, Kigoma, Tanzania, from 1965 - 1971.  Henry Paltridge writes, “Janet was mainly a home maker, though she did some teaching at Livingstone College. She was married to David Close, who taught English there in Kigoma, Tanzania in the days when Gerald Clark (also with NZCMS) was Headmaster. In recent years she has been very active in mission promotion in the parish of St Christopher’s, Avonhead, Christchurch, and on Vestry. She had also been part of a Golden Oldies NZCMS short-term mission to Fiji.”

Janet’s funeral was held on Thursday 18 August at St Christopher’s Church. It was led by the Vicar, Rev. Mark Hood, who wrote, “Janet died full of confidence in the Lord Jesus, assured of her eternal future with him, and praying and urging on those near who do not yet trust in Christ to do so. As in life, so in death, Janet was always holding out the grace of God. Praise God for this dear saint.”

We praise God for the life and Christian witness of Janet and pray for all who mourn her passing and for those who gathered to honour her and give God thanks for her life.