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Deadly heatwave in South Asia

Last month a record heatwave struck parts of India killing over 2500 people. Temperatures soared to an incredible 47C in the state of Andhra Pradesh, taking the lives of 1700 people there since 18 May. As with tragedies like this, it is often the poor who are hit the hardest. Wealthier people have had better access to water and electricity for cooling, while many poorer people find their resources running thin.

Though India's heatwave appears to be over, BBC reports that temperatures are now rising in Pakistan. Pakistan's prime minister has called for emergency measures as the death toll from a heatwave in a southern province reached nearly 700. Emergency medical camps have been set up in the streets of a major city where the temperatures have reached 45C. As with India before, power cuts in the city have made battling the heatwave massively more difficult. Many of the local hospitals are overrun, with one doctor quoted as saying: "we are still receiving a never ending flow of patients".

Please be praying for the people of both India and Pakistan, and pray for our friends in this general region.