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Disaster in Vanuatu

With Cyclone Pam now hitting New Zealand, the nation's attention has been drawn to how it will affect our people. This is obviously important and we need to be praying for those in regions like the East Cape, but the cyclone has left an unprecedented wave of destruction behind in the nation of Vanuatu. This is a time for New Zealand to stand with our brothers and sisters in the Pacific and offer whatever support we can, whether it be prayer, finances or something else.

To get an idea of the level of the destruction please watch the video above.

The Anglican Mission Board is launching a ‘Cyclone Pam Emergency Appeal’ to assist with relief efforts in the Pacific region, particularly in Vanuatu. Although details are still sketchy, it is clear this is one of the worst disasters ever experienced in the South Pacific region. AMB will be working with churches and relief agencies to provide up to date information on their website and to help coordinate relief efforts.

Please send donations to AMB marked Cyclone Pam Emergency Appeal. Information on how to donate can be found on their website