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Double updates from Cambodia

Here is two updates from the Sussexs in Cambodia, one video and one written. The written update below is from last Wednesday. Since then Phil has been recovering well and regaining more energy everyday!

Phil has been really sick for over a week now with what has just been confirmed as dengue fever. He seems to be over the worst of it and is improving slowly each day but is still feeling extremely exhausted. We'd appreciate your prayers for him, that he will be restored to full health soon.

It seems that his lecturing timetable will be very light until the beginning of next year as he's not keen to take back the various lecture series that he has already handed on to Khmer staff to teach. Early next year there will be opportunities for him to take on the teaching of subjects which he hasn't taught before. In the meantime, the opportunity for him to do some work at Mercy Medical Clinic has opened up. Today I took him down to meet with the clinical director and to have a look at the centre. The meeting went well. Phil is excited by the possibility of working in an environment which fits very well with his skill set and with what he feels called here to do. The centre has a strong evangelistic component and training for national staff as well as providing medical care to the poor. Their website gives a great look at what they do:

Before he came down with dengue he had started up his church based dental clinic in the relocated community north of the city. He got a warm welcome and things started up very well again. It was disappointing to have to cancel on Monday. So for now, it looks like his days will be spent on a mix of his community clinic work, work at Mercy medical clinic and some provincial mobile dental trips as opportunities arise.

We'd really appreciate prayer for wisdom and direction as these options firm up. Please pray for the right balance and quick adjustments to new working environments. He's hoping to be well enough to work half days [this] week.

I will be starting back at school [this] week for a week of staff meetings, planning meetings and preparation. The kids will start back the following week (10 August). We'd appreciate prayers as we head in to that time of transition back into 'normal' life and adjust to the travelling and early starts! To minimise the traffic we'll be leaving here soon after 6am!!! We'll be looking for a house nearer to the school, which will reduce the strain of long commutes. Ironically, after years of driving north for Phil (he's been working very close to where the new school campus is for the last four years), Mercy Medical Centre is quite a way south of the city!