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Dreams of darkness

Here's a second update from a partner working in Asia. Out of respect for them and the people they work with, we have not included their name.

One night, God showed Aaiza in a dream the darkness that is all around her in her neighbourhood. “You will be a light in this place,” a voice says out of the blackness.

Aaiza, who I wrote about last week, continues to grow in faith and share with others. “You have seen the way Jesus has begun to heal your husband, so why do you not believe in him?” demands Aaiza to another lady. But many here are afraid to believe because of the potential
repercussions within the community, even those who have seen healings or had dreams from God. Please pray for breakthrough in this area.

God also gave Hanna a dream. She walked into a room full of Muslim women from the neighbourhood, all sitting crossed legged on the
floor, praying. One lady stood up and came over to Hanna. “Pray for us in the name of Jesus,” she requested.

“I don’t know how,” said Hanna.

“Please pray for us,” the lady begged again.

Hanna opened her mouth and suddenly the words came out. When she woke up, the pain in her leg was gone. Her husband noticed she was
better, and when Hanna told him about her dream, he was amazed and intrigued. He hasn’t been supportive of Hanna's faith so far. He still limits how much she's able to participate, but thankfully he is happy for us to visit her, and for her to lead a group of women. We have been asking if he would like our male team mate to meet him, but he wasn’t interested. Then he met the teammate on the street and liked him, so now they are spending time together.


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