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From the Editor (Issue 24)

The Great Omission. That’s what Dallas Willard called today’s Church’s failure to make disciples. We produce Christians and church-goers, but not necessarily disciples. Yet as Dallas said, “The church is for discipleship, and discipleship is for the world” – mission flows out of discipleship.

In Jesus’ day, a disciple was a follower of a great teacher, a rabbi. But they weren’t just interested in learning some information or the rabbi’s interpretation of Scripture. They were there to learn his entire way of life, learning to imitate him in every way. They were his total-life apprentices. Disciples would follow their rabbi along dry, dusty roads, so close that they’d eventually get covered in the dust from his feet.

How might it look for us to walk in the footsteps of Jesus today? And how can we become a people who are so covered in the dust of our rabbi that others can follow in our footsteps? Can we learn to imitate Christ so well that, by imitating our lives, people are really imitating Christ himself?

We’re convinced that what’s needed to transform today’s Church into a world-changing missional force is simple: discipleship.



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3 thoughts on “From the Editor (Issue 24)

  1. This was something I was thinking about the other day. The global church does have a heart for mission. They run outreach programmes that brings the gospel to the people around them. I come from Singapore where the cell movement have seen many people come to the Lord. We have churches and mission organisations involved in church planting. Despite all this mission effort, it is only a small minority that is involved in being missionaries where God has placed them. For the vast majority they do not have a passion, training or skills to be missionaries to the non-Christian world around them. We need to rediscover the lost art of disciple-making where people are discipled to disciple others. Maybe a discipling movement is the key to reaching the unreached in the world.

    1. Fantastic thoughts – couldn’t agree more! At the end of the day, Jesus launched a discipling movement, and that’s still the way he reaches the world.

  2. I really agree & this idea has been developing in my mind recently. When I look at myself, living & working in an apparently missions-type setting, I still see a lack of certain types of fruit.
    There is a need for me to ask the Lord to make me more fruitful as well as the connections that I have outside the family more meaningful!

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