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Get Praying With Prayer Mate

For those into technology, PrayerMate is an app for smart-phones and tablet-computers that helps you pray for the people and causes you care about, including NZCMS! Each day, the latest prayer prompts from NZCMS will be available at the touch of a button, and you can even set an alarm to remind you that it's time to pray. It's available on Android and iOS, so that you have prayer points from our Mission Partners right at your fingertips.

Download the app from iTunes here
Download the Android app here

prayermate1Once you have installed PrayerMate, the app should show you how it's operated. It allows you to include a variety of topics in your prayer list, include prayers for NZCMS. You can add NZCMS to your prayer list by selecting the small + in the top corner.

Choose "Add new subject" then "World mission." On the next page choose the bottom option, "Subscribe to feed." Select the category "Mission & Bible Translation" then scroll down until you see NZCMS. The last step: select "Subscribe to this feed." (If you are asked if you want push notifications, you can select "Yes" to be alerted to new prayer items from NZCMS.)

You can add in your own prayers, find other groups to be praying for, and remove some of the default items if you wish. To remove an item, select the arrow at the bottom of the item and then select "Archive subject." To add an alarm to remind you to prayer each day, go to settings / advanced settings / Add reminder alarm.

For advice for getting started click here and watch the video at the end.