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Golden Oldies Mission finale

‘Our little can really make a big difference’ was how one Golden Oldie summarised this mission to Fiji. Returning annually over the past five years to build on established relationships has continued to strengthen the partnership between Fiji Churches and the Golden Oldies mission.

Below are some snapshots of some of the contributions this team, and friends from NZ, have made for the people of Fiji:

  • A Fijian Senior Nurse sat in despair at the request for two nebulisers urgently needed for the crowded Heath Centre. Unbeknown to Adele, the Golden Oldies Nurse, she was about to present two nebulisers to her on behalf of the team and many supporters from NZ.

  • The team prayed for people with a variety of needs, from the ministry of ‘the Chicken Boy,’ to sick children in villages, to teaching needs at Schools and the development of a new church project, and much more.

  • We visited an Old People’s Home, and asked to meet with Government officials to talk of ways of partnering with the Fijian Government about the future delivery of Aged-care in Fiji.

  • We learned about the struggles for land ownership and for Fijians of Melanesian descent. This was alarmingly evident, with new subdivisions encroaching on their ‘ancestral land’ and the uncertainty of villages like Nadawa. It was great to be able to support their micro-business and buy their grass booms as well.

  • The St Luke’s Men’s Ministry inspired us as they upheld the woman of their church with a celebratory dinner in their honour. They then established a practical DIY ministry for the woman and widows in their local community. The Golden Oldies have offered to provide the tools for this handyman ministry.

  • A visit to a prison has re-opened the doors for a prison ministry to commence again. ‘Taking ice cream and cones for the men today was a treat like Christmas day for the men’ commented the Prison Major as he thanked the team for their encouraging visit.

  • We were able to give donations of children’s story books, Bibles, clothing for newly born babies and first-time mothers, toothbrushes for children, swimming equipment for water safety training, a guitar, an electronic keyboard, a smokeless cooker, some medical supplies, school stationery, and clothing to churches, schools, hospitals, villages, and individuals.

  • The first ever Rugby 7’s team jerseys were provided to a village so their youth can enter the provincial rugby competition.

  • We witnessed the official launching of a village ladies fishing boat to provide a safer way to catch fish and provide more funding for the children of their village.

  • A partnership between Maniava Village, the Church and Golden Oldies was established to use local clay to build the first ever mud-brick home in Fiji for a 85-year old widow in their village, as a demo-home. The success of this house could lead to the redevelopment of the 33/37 homes destroyed in this village from the recent cyclone.

  • We were able to share in the joy and celebrations of Fiji winning the first Gold Medal of any small Pacific Island nation at an Olympics. The Champion Fiji 7’s team have brought much pride and joy to these beautiful islands!

To God be the Glory, as together in partnership between the Fijian Churches and Golden Oldies, we strive to further the Kingdom of God in the Pacific.

Vinaka vakalevu.

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