Haerenga Mission Internship

Haerenga n. journey, trip, parting

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A Mission Internship built around your passions, gifts & calling

Fighting human trafficking
in South Asia?

Serving the poor
in an Asian slum?

Student outreach
in the Pacific?

Medical experience
in Africa?

Teaching English
in ‘closed nations’?

Childrens ministry
in the Philippines?

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There’s an apprenticeship for fixing cars
There’s apprenticeships for baking cakes
Now there’s an apprenticeship for mission

This is about exploring serious, real-world mission. Like an apprentice, you’re placed under the care of experienced missionaries and ‘learn the trade’ through a hands-on, guided experience typically lasting 3 to 6 months

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For the serious, curious or adventurous



For those seriously investigating long-term mission engagement. It’s the best way to ‘test the waters’ of longer term mission and is a great platform to build on, giving a clear idea of what you could contribute, areas you could grow and opportunities that are available.


For those pursuing or considering a particular vocation in NZ. A cross-cultural experience in that profession will enrich your understanding as you discover how to be missional within that field back home. (Plus an overseas placement in your area of expertise looks great on a CV).


For those after a new challenge, moments of impact, an experience unlike any other. You’ll face new situations, encounter new perspectives, brave unchartered territory. This is something unique, something different. And who doesn’t love a new adventure?


“Follow me.” The simple words Jesus used to call his mission apprentices. And he’s still saying it.

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So you’re equipped for what you’ll face, the internship is made up of two phases


3-5 months
Preparation and training in your own context. Learn what you need to navigate the waters of a new culture. Grasp a fuller understanding of the missio Dei (‘mission of God’). Get equipped through videos, online interaction and personal coaching, all while remaining in your own context. There’ll be discussion about mission, God and culture; online training that helps you dive deeper into the Bible and grow your missional thinking; mentoring to help shape you as a missional disciple of Jesus.


2-6 months
A new country, culture, climate. This isn’t just a two week ‘mission trip’ – it’s real mission, living and learning alongside local mission workers in a fully immersive cross-cultural environment. Be stretched as you learn to rub shoulders with people who see the world through different lenses. Use your God-given gifts and strengths to serve local communities. Witness the realities of poverty. Laugh at your cross-cultural mishaps. See God step in as you step out. Discover what living God’s mission means for you.

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One Mission: Many Pathways

We offer a wide range of placements that focus on a variety of expressions of mission in a variety of nations. And if there’s an area you’re interested in exploring, chances are we can arrange something suitable for you.

Patient support and recovery in Cambodia with Anne McCormick

Until recently, this trauma hospital for victims of landmines and road accidents offered no help for patients’ mental recovery. This craft programme has been set up to aid their psychological recovery by keeping their minds and hands occupied. As it turns out, this has also been fantastic for the friends and families of patients. This is all about building friendships and demonstrating the love of Christ in an environment where there’s often so much pain and tragedy.

Ministry focuses: patient support, crafts, friendship building.

Vocational opportunities: medical and hospital work, chaplaincy, the creative arts, art therapy, counselling.

Prerequisites: well suited for an outgoing and empathetic person. Being gifted in arts and crafts would be useful, but not a necessity (if you’re willing to learn)

Mission & Mountains in South Asia with friends of NZCMS

Nestled in a vast mountain range, this city serves as the gateway into some strategic parts of Asia. The region is populated by Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims, making this the perfect place to learn about sharing Jesus in a world of different beliefs. And for the adventurous, its home to some of the world’s most breath-taking treks. As part of a team of both locals and foreigners, you’ll grow in your relationship with God and passion to make him known as you worship, pray and journey together, and as you learn to hear and respond to God’s voice. If you’re prepared to take initiative, the opportunities here are endless (see the ministry focuses to get an idea of what you could do).

Ministry focuses: children’s ministry and tuition, community development, discipleship and training, evangelism, 'unreached people groups,' prayer & intercession, backpacker ministry, admin & office support, hospitality, networking with church leaders, youth group support, hosting short-term teams.

Vocational opportunities: teaching, training, church work, cross-cultural navigation, leadership, kids and youth work, hospitality, adventure tourism.

Prerequisites: Depends on your area of interest. Being prepared to take initiative is essential.

Missional Nomads in Europe & North Africa with The Thornberrys

Today’s church is often seen as being religious, hypocritical, spiritually-void, culturally irrelevant and environmentally ignorant. Is there a way of reimagining the faith for this postmodern generation? Join a mobile intentional community seeking to live out a faith that’s vibrant and which connects with the concerns of today – a faith of depth, imagination, holism, creativity and concern for creation. This is all about learning to minister in a post-Christian context. Traveling by house-truck, you’ll travel with the team wherever God leads: whether visiting spiritual festivals in Europe, supporting Syrian refugees, training future leaders or supporting eco-villages. The best time for this placement is the European summer (June – August).

Ministry focuses: post-modern ministry, intentional community, evangelism and discipleship, holistic spirituality, teaching at festivals, refugee support, environmental concern, incarnational mission, reaching musicians and creatives, ministering to ‘new agers,’ backpacker ministry.

Vocational opportunities: pastoral ministry, church planting in the post-Christian West, arts and entertainment, environmental work, community building, minimalism.

Prerequisites: adaptability is a must. Able to live in close quarters with others in the house truck.

Teaching English (Multiple locations in Asia)

Many countries around the world are closed to mission work and evangelism. However, doors can be opened through teaching English. Through this door access can be gained to many strategic countries, where friendships can be built and Christ’s love can be shared. Education is also a powerful way to break the cycles of poverty, and often learning English opens up a wide range of opportunities for people.

Ministry focuses: English teaching, friendship building, 'unreached people groups'

Vocational opportunities: teaching, TESOL, cross-cultural communication, government departments with a cross-cultural focus, human resources

Prerequisites: a teaching or TESOL qualification will be necessary (though we can help find a short course to prepare you)

Medical Placements (Multiple locations)

Have you wondered what it would look like to integrate your medical career with your faith? We can work with you to find a hospital or other suitable setting to fulfil the requirements of your medical training’s overseas placement, giving you the opportunity to further consider side-by-side your medical career and your place in God’s mission. We’ve already identified fantastic opportunities in Uganda and South Asia, and further opportunities are being explored. We’re also open to finding placements for those who are already fully qualified or for people in other medical fields (nursing, pharmacy, physio, dentistry etc.).

Ministry focuses: each placement will provide additional experiences beyond the medical experience

Vocational opportunities: medicine, hospital work, medical mission, doctors without borders

Prerequisites: this would be part of your medical training

Missional Home-schooling in South East Asia with NZCMS partners

It may not sound all that exciting on the surface, but by living with this family you’ll gain profound insight into long-term cross-cultural ministry. The family have recently welcomed a new member into the clan, so an extra set of hands assisting with home-schooling their older daughters (both under 7) will free them to continue their engagement in their slum community. And, by being part of the family, you’ll be able to integrate into community life in a way typically not possible for short-termers. Expect to interact with your neighbours daily and learn some of the language. Placements would be for up to 2 months initially, but may be extendable up to 6 months in dialogue with the host family.

Ministry focuses: child care and kids work, community development, slum ministry, team based ministry

Vocational opportunities: urban ministry, poverty alleviation, community based ministry or work, economic development, business, creation-care, teaching, youth and kids work

Prerequisites: a passion for children. Willingness to live simply alongside the poor

Slum homestay exposure in South East Asia with NZCMS partners

Join a team in South East Asia seeking to bring Kingdom transformation within an urban slum. Using an incarnational approach, the team has relocated to a ‘pirate subdivision.’ They are seeking to introduce people to Jesus and his transformative way of life by becoming part of the community and living lives that demonstration the nature of God’s Kingdom. During the placement (typically 1 month, though possibly extendable to 2 months) you’ll experience the true face of poverty as you’re hosted by a local family in their shack – sleeping as they sleep, eating as they eat, living as they live.

Ministry focuses: community development, slum ministry, team-based ministry

Vocational opportunities: urban ministry, poverty alleviation, community based ministry or work, economics, business, creation care

Prerequisites: willingness to live simply alongside the poor. Applicants must be over 21. A fair amount of pre-reading will be required

Community Engagement or Medical Support in Uganda with Nick & Tessa

Nick and Tessa support various social justice projects in Gulu, Uganda. Whether you have medical background or not, the eight rural medical centres Nick oversees are an opportunity to learn about healthcare and caring for the poor. And the ‘Community Organising’ group Tessa supports, which empowers locals to identify and address problems in their own community, is a brilliant model for someone excited about a discipleship grounded approach to social justice. There’s also opportunities in primary education, teacher training and a fledgling theological college. Whatever your skills and passion, there’s space to get stuck in while living amongst the community with Nick and Tessa.

Ministry focuses: community empowerment, medical support, administration, social justice, compassion, discipleship and mentoring, primary education, theological education

Vocational opportunities: medicine, administration, community organising, social work, advocacy & campaigning, primary education, teacher training, theological education

Prerequisites: depends on area of interest


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