Frequently asked questions

What sort of character traits are you looking for in interns?

We are looking for people of integrity, faith and passion. It’s essential that you have a living relationship with God and are teachable. Also, in many cases, placements require that you have the ability to take initiative – Haerenga isn’t for people who will sit on their hands until they are told to do something, but for motivated people eager to make things happen.

How old do I need to be?

The internship has been designed with young adults in mind – typically people between 20 and 30(ish). With that said, we’re open to talking with anyone if you think the internship sounds right for you.

What does it cost?

It’s hard to give a precise figure as placement costs vary dependent on the length, location and ministry focus. We’ll help interns create a budget for their time based on variables such as travel, food and accommodation. In addition, there is a $600 fee that covers the core components of your training as well as the mentoring and support offered by the NZCMS team throughout your internship. A non-refundable deposit of $200 is expected to be paid when your application is accepted.

How do I raise the money?

Interns will be given guidance about support-raising to fund their internship. The internship is legitimate ‘overseas mission work,’ so already you can start inviting people into your journey; don’t wait until you need money before you start telling people about what you’re doing! More important than raising money is raising a team of people who are journeying with you, praying for you and believing in you. With this said, it’s hard to expect others to pay for you if you’re not contributing yourself; setting aside money for your internship is something to start doing now.

When do I need the money by?

NZCMS will only deploy you overseas if you either have all the money you need or you have sufficient guaranteed support for the duration of your time overseas. Because we are a charity, we are not able to subsidise you while overseas on the promise that you will repay us when you return.

Do I need to go through the training?

We require all interns to receiving some training before they depart. This is to ensure that you are prepared as much as possible for what you will face overseas. Our experience has taught us that many issues can be avoided, minimised or managed in a more positive way by solid preparation. So with very few exceptions, interns are expected to go through the training.

How does the training phase work?

Training involves watching teaching videos, regular catch-ups with a NZCMS mentor, and some reading. You will be sent the material at the start of your training phase and we’ll touch base regularly to make sure you are keeping on top of it all. If there are multiple interns at the same phase of training, we will find ways of connecting you together for mutual support and discipleship. Training is not just about mental knowledge either: woven into training are opportunities to put in place some spiritual disciplines that will sustain you during your time overseas (and beyond!). We expect you will spend about 5 hours a week on your training and preparation.

Is my training customised?

We’re creating ‘training pathways’ so that each intern will receive training customised around their needs, based on where they will be going and what they will be doing. There will be core components that all interns go through.

Is Haerenga Accredited with NZQA?

At present our internship is not NZQA accredited. However, we have a close relationship with Laidlaw College and Bishopdale Theology College, and we’re exploring how to make it possible for you to integrate your Haerenga Mission Internship into a diploma or degree with them. If you’re interested in studying the Bible and Theology this could be a great pathway and would give you a very solid foundation for future cross-cultural mission.

When can I start?

It’s best if a few interns are journeying together, so we’re currently expecting to launch the next round of training in June 2016. If this timeframe doesn’t work for you and you need to start earlier or later, get in touch as we may be able to create a custom pathway just for you. Remember that you need to allow for at least three months of training before you depart for your placement.

Do I have to be from New Zealand to do the Internship?

At present the internship is only open to New Zealand residents.

What is the application process?

The first step is to fill out an enquirer’s form. This gives us an initial idea of who you are. From here we’ll be in touch for some informal conversations where we get to know each other a bit more. It’s a bit like a first date (on the phone): you’re getting more info about us and the placement(s) to sense if this is a good fit for you, and we get a better idea of who you are and whether you’d be suited to us and that new context. If we both like what we’re hearing and sense God is in this, the next step is for you to fill out the Haerenga Mission Internship Application Form (including the names of a few referees we can contact) and a medical form filled out by your Dr (to make sure you’re healthy enough for life overseas). Once you’re accepted you’ll sign an acceptance form and be expected to pay a $200 acceptance fee which guarantees your place on the internship. Don’t worry – it’s not as scary as it may sound, it’s just important to us that we journey with potential interns carefully as we don’t want to put you in a situation that would be unhelpful or harmful for you or for the people you would be working with.

If I apply will I be accepted?

Because interns become contributing members of mission teams, our application process is quite substantial. We need to ensure that an applicant is suitable for cross cultural living and the particular placement you are interested in. In some cases, we may recommend another course or programme to better prepare you to become an intern in the future.

How is my placement chosen?

We’ve identified a number of placements so you can find the right one for your personality, gifts, passion and sense of calling. We suggest contacting us about the one or two that most interest you. Keep in mind that some placements may become unavailable if someone else takes them, and that some placements may require additional training and/or application processes.

Can I become a Mission Partner after being a Haerenga Intern?

There’s a rigorous application process for being an NZCMS Mission Partners, so being an intern doesn’t guarantee you’ll be accepted longer term. With that said, the internship is a fantastic launch-pad for future overseas cross-cultural service, and the relationship we build with you over your time as an intern will be very helpful for us to discern whether you are suited for longer term work. We would love to see some interns eventually go on to become NZCMS Mission Partners.

What if I don’t see myself overseas longer term?

While Haerenga can be a great stepping stone for those interested in longer term overseas mission, it’s also invaluable for those who feel called to live and work in New Zealand. God calls some overseas, and he calls some back home. Your internship can be a chance to explore your vocation through the lens of mission, discovering how God can be brought into the very work you’re passionate about. What’s more, many workplaces are looking for people with high ‘cultural intelligence’ who can navigate across cultures!

What’s more important: overseas mission or local mission?

This is an important question and we want to be clear with our answer: we don’t see a dichotomy between ‘local’ and ‘global’ expressions of mission! If we’re passionate about mission, we should be passionate about both mission ‘here’ and mission ‘over there.’

What’s more important: cross-cultural ministry or work?

Sometimes it’s easy to see mission as the seemingly glamorous act of travelling to another part of the world – but since Jesus is Lord of all things, mission encompasses getting involved in all areas of life in all corners of the world. We hope the internship experience will be of great benefit for those who sense God leading them into a lifetime of overseas cross-cultural mission AND those who sense God leading them into any number of professions here in NZ – and we see both options as being legitimate missional callings.