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Halloween, Pets and God’s mission

I'll cut straight to the chase: I'm not convinced we Christians take global mission very seriously. Which is another way of saying, I'm not sure we take Jesus' Great Commission particularly seriously. Jesus said to make disciples of all nations. I think we're starting to learn about the "make disciples" part, but perhaps we have a ways to go with that other bit.

Whenever you talk about global mission, it's pretty likely someone will raise the point: "How can we worry about people over there when there is enough need here?" I totally agree and I totally disagree with the sentiment behind that question. Yes, of course we need to be actively engaged in our area. Of course we need to be fulfilling Jesus' task of building the Kingdom, of preaching the Gospel, of caring for the poor, of making disciples. But care for the local needs to be balanced with care for the global. If there are people somewhere in the world who have never heard about Jesus, then we have work to do there as well!

Watch the video and let me know what you think. My prayer is that God will call (or that people will respond to God's call for) many Christians in New Zealand to find better ways of engaging their community for the Gospel and the Kingdom. My prayer is also that God will call (or people would respond to God's call for) Kiwi Christians to lay down their lives and go to some of the parts of the world that have no Church, no Bible, no access to the Gospel.

Oh, and look out for the comment about pets!


What is the 'right' balance between global and local? And why do you think the global church focuses so little on "world A" from the video?


Ask God to speak to you about your role in his global work.