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Humans need not apply

We live in a world quite unlike the world of those who have gone before us. Sure, things always change, and every generation thinks they have made that totally amazing breakthrough that makes them the most unique generation of all time. But I really think something is different about the changes we've seen in our lifetimes. Technology hasn't just made things a lot easier - it's completely transformed how we relate to the world.

If we step back and consider all the amazing changes we've seen over the past, say, 20 years, we'd be amazed. And I think it can be summed up in my smart-phone. Just the fact that I can communicate with virtually anyone, anywhere in the world, and I can be standing almost anywhere in the world - it's just crazy. (It wasn't all that long ago that the only way to send a message semi-long-distance was via pigeon.) But what makes a smart-phone so revolutionary is how, in just a second, I can access the totality of humankind's knowledge on absolutely everything. The internet has enabled us to know anything, and my phone means I can access that any time, any place. Why do cats purr? Google it. How many moons does earth have? Google it (and no, the answer isn't one!).

Here's where it gets a little scary. We've only seen the first glimpses of this new technological age. We're on the precipices, and no one really knows what the next step is. And this raises a bunch of serious questions. Where are we headed as humanity? Is technology good or bad?  Is all this amazing technological innovation going to create new levels of poverty? And where is God in all of this change?

I've attached this video, not because it has any answers, but because I think it raises some very interesting questions about where we (may) be headed. While watching it (and I highly recommend it) ask yourself: what does this mean for us today, as 21st century believers?



Ponder the content of the video. Is this something to take seriously? What implications does the changing shape of technology have for us as believers? As mission-ers? As humans?!



I dare you to spend a day without any electronic technology. If you're brave enough to try it, share your experience with us below!



Jon is the NZCMS communications guy.