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Introducing Hannah

Kia Ora!

My journey towards overseas mission began as a child when my family and I visited an Operation Mobilisation ship that was moored near to where we lived. After looking around the ship and hearing about life on board from people working there, I told my mum “When I grow up I would like to be a missionary!”  

I first visited Fiji in 2015.  As I visited villages and special needs schools I began praying and exploring the possibility of doing a short term mission assignment.  I’d just completed my degree in Early Childhood but I knew I would have to work two years in an early childhood setting in order to get my registration. During this time, I have continued to feel the passion for overseas mission, and to explore where my experience as an Early Childhood Teacher could be used overseas. Earlier this year I approached NZCMS with a view to them supporting my desire to do short term work in a Kindergarten in Fiji.

Since beginning my journey with NZCMS I’ve felt a peace which I believe is a real confirmation that God is calling me to serve in Fiji.  They’ve provided me with the logistical, spiritual and personal support needed to take the next step in serving God on mission overseas. Therefore, from January 2019, I’ll be partnering with NZCMS as an intern volunteering as an early childhood teacher at St Christopher's Kindergarten in Suva. As I prepare for this new season please pray for:

  • A continued sense of God's call and peace as my time overseas gets closer

  • A sense of his peace and presence as I settle into a new country and a new role

  • And the knowledge and assurance that God is with me

Hannah Gennard

4 thoughts on “Introducing Hannah

  1. Blessings Hannah.
    I have stayed at St Christopher’s Home on two separate occasions. I can picture just how God will use you there and the growth the experience will bring to you as well. Blessings.

  2. Good news Hannah. Mothers Union NZ has been visiting members and St. Christopers.
    We will follow your journey with interest and look forward to hearing your news.

  3. God’s peace and grace Hannah as you go to serve the Lord and his people at St Christopher’s. A special place for children to know they are loved by God. May God equip you and bring to life all you have learned and experienced as you begin your ministry and bring you lots of joy as you get to know the wonderful St Christopher’s community. Joanne

  4. God bless you Hannah as you look forward to the next part of the journey God is leading you on
    Thank you for this introduction to you Will look forward to hearing you more

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