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Kailakuri Update

You'll be pleased to know that the Health Centre is operating normally with no difficulties. Although initially a little nervous about working without Edric’s oversight, the staff are demonstrating quiet confidence and competence. The NZ Link Support Group has received the following message from them:

We would like to let you know that everybody here is working together to keep Dr Edric’s dream alive and will continue to work for the poor the way he taught us to. We have had no major problems in running the project and believe this is because Dr Bai set sustainable systems in place that the staff have been practising for years. We will continue to uphold his standard of care and teach what he taught us.

Please let everyone know that our prayers are with them and that their prayers are appreciated and felt here.

 From the entire Kailakuri Family

One thought on “Kailakuri Update

  1. May God’s richest blessings be with the staff at Kailakuri as they continue the work inspired by Dr Edric Baker.

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