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Leaving a legacy

Earlier this year NZCMS produced a new booklet titled ‘Leaving a Legacy for God’s Kingdom – A Guide’. Talking about death can be seen as negative, but we all know that it’s inevitable and as Christians we know it’s not the end – it’s quite the opposite in fact!

Thanks to all our incredible supporters who participate in mission through prayer, time, finances and going, NZCMS is in a strong position. However, it’s hard not to notice the decline and challenges the Church in New Zealand is facing. We’ve been trying to imagine what things will be like beyond 2020, especially in light of declining church attendance and a growing dearth of deep discipleship. In addition there is a growing tendency amongst younger people to simply jump on a plane, scope out a country and dive into mission work. Where is the cross-cultural prep, the language training, solid financing, theological understanding, pastoral support, qualifications and maturity? What about support structures for when things go sour? And what about reentry and reintegrating when they come back home? The result is mission organisations going into decline, with some closing up shop in New Zealand and all around the world on the one hand. On the other hand, the other outcome is good intentions producing bad fruit, often hurting the very ones people have set out to help.

Legacy gifts are essential if we’re to see the future Church thriving in both local and global mission. They ensure the continuation of the work of NZCMS for future generations.

This is a crucial time for mission in all its fullness to be put at the forefront of what it means to follow Jesus.

Our 'Leaving a Legacy' brochure covers all your questions about what it means to leave a legacy to NZCMS: Why would I give? Who gives? Where does the money go? How do I make a gift in my will?


Download 'Leaving a Legacy' by clicking here. If you would like to receive a printed copy of this brochure please contact me by emailing or phone me on 03 377 2222 ext 3.