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Making God relevant for Kiwis

The Christchurch Press recently wrote a story about Ron Hay's book Finding the Forgotten God. Below is a short excerpt from the news story by Philip Matthews.

Of all the people you should never lie to, an Anglican minister would be high up the list. But is this lying, really? Or is it just not quite telling the truth?

The Anglican minister is Ron Hay and he has been phoned by The Press at his home at Castle Hill, North Canterbury, because he has won a Mind Body Spirit Literary award, worth $10,000. Only he doesn't know that yet.

Or maybe he does know and he's playing along too, even when he cheerfully says things like: "You never know what your chances are in a situation like this".

Officially, at the time of phoning, he is just one of five contenders for the award, handed out annually by the Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust for books on spiritual matters. An equivalent prize goes to unpublished manuscripts.

The media has the good news under embargo, provided we can keep the secret. And the secret is that Hay won at an award ceremony in Auckland last night,   all going to plan.

Some readers may already know him: Hay was the vicar at Sumner-Redcliffs for 15 years before he took early retirement in 2009, in order to write. His first book, Finding the Forgotten God, is the result.

To read more of the Press article click here. For more about Finding  the Forgotten God click here. And a big congratulations goes to Ron for winning the award!