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Making Mission the Centre (Issue 29)

The latest issue of Intermission explores what it means to belong to the NZCMS family. Over the next few weeks we'll be posting these articles to our website to highlight the fact that we're ALL called to be part of God's mission in the world. Join us as we seek to Make Mission the Centre for every follower of Jesus.

Mission means different things to different people. For some it’s about planting churches; for others, planting trees. For some it means critiquing local or national government; for others, working within political frameworks. Some say it’s about going overseas; others say it’s going next door. For some it means developing businesses; for others it’s challenging the business worldview. There can be a lot of energy invested into figuring out what mission is. But our questions are too small if they’re only about what is and isn’t ‘mission work.’

The more important question is: what’s it mean to be missional? Mission isn’t so much about what we do, but who we are; missional activity flows out of missional lifestyles. If we focus on the activity, we’ll probably conclude that some people have ‘higher callings’ than others. But what matters isn’t so much what we’re called to do; it’s whether or not we’re being faithful to who God’s called us to be.

This Intermission is framed around five missional postures that help form us as individuals and communities on mission. Our hope is that you’ll join us in making these postures part of your own life. God’s inviting each of us to participate in his ‘community of mission service’ – will we respond to his call?