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Meet the Millers

I (Andy) was brought up in Peru as a missionary kid during a time of persecution, which taught me that the Christian life is a great adventure! Shona felt called to be a missionary at the age of 12 after hearing the story of John Elliot's martyrdom. We met in Spain over Easter 1999 when Shona was on a 5 day holiday and I was a student at a Madrid University. We married in London and moved to NZ in 2001, with a sense that at some stage we would be going to Latin America as missionaries.

17 years and three amazing children later, we feel God saying “Go!” In fact, Aliana (13), Jeshaiah (11) and Elías (8) set the ball rolling as they discussed their desire to learn Spanish like Daddy. God is calling us to mobilise and facilitate a rising wave of mission from Latin America. Based in Costa Rica, Shona and the kids will start off learning Spanish and Andy will travel, preaching and networking with leaders of churches and national mission organisations.

Being in Costa Rica will also mean we’ll be close to the grandparents who have been missionaries there with Latin Link over the past 15 years. It’s exciting to therefore be building on my father’s legacy!

We’re excited to join team NZCMS!