Our Mission Partners live & work in Europe, the Middle East, East Africa, Asia and the Pacific

Anthony & Anne McCormick
Community ministry, Cambodia

Cliff & Irene Studman (Short term)
Education, Tanzania

Dianne Bayley
Children’s ministry, Philippines

Neill & Rebekah Dunbar
Preparation, Australia

Jonathan & Tess Hicks
Theological education, Solomon Islands

Church planting, Spain

Margaret Poynton
Church support, Papua New Guinea

Andy & Shona Miller
Mobilising Latin Americans, Costa Rica

Miriam Tillman
Pharmaceutical work, Togo

Murray & Féy Cotter
Church planting and administration, Albania

Nick & Tessa Laing
Social justice support & medicine,

Peter and Christine Akester
Pastoral Support, Tanzania

Project development, Egypt

Sensitive Mission Partners
We have additional Mission Partners in secure areas which we can’t post on the website. Please keep them in your prayers and support.