Nick & Tessa Laing

Medical and social justice support, Uganda

Since 2013, Nick and Tessa have been privileged to live and work amongst their local community in Gulu, Northern Uganda. Nick coordinates 18 Anglican health centres, and is launching new centres as part of a new initiative to extend healthcare to the rural poor. Tess works with communities to tackle local justice issues and is currently focussed on helping rural citizens fight for their land rights.

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Latest news

  • The Mayor Saga Continues

    The Mayor Saga Continues
    19 October, 2017

    “He has arrived; he is in office.” Excellent. Against all odds, we have everybody in the same space. Media present? Tick. Religious leaders? Tick. Mayor in his office with no known escape routes? Tick. Ready for ambush. Since the Mayor intervened and ruined the last sachet alcohol-impounding operation, he had affectively blocked all enforcement by refusing to ...

  • The Health Centre That Wasn’t To Be

    The Health Centre That Wasn't To Be
    4 September, 2017

    Phase 1 – Great hope In March, we rode out with our enthusiastic nurse Walter to the frontier town of Elegu on the South Sudanese border. High population, no health centre, traders with a bit of money. What location could be better? The location even came with our Bishop Johnson’ recommendation. Phase 2 – Bewilderingly slow Things started ...

  • Health Clinics by the Numbers

    Health Clinics by the Numbers
    2 July, 2017

    We’re 5 months into the trial of the 4 new clinics, with a total of 12 operational months between the health centres – the halfway point in the trial. Cetkana has been running for 5 months, and our most recent Obanga pe Wany. only 1 month. We’re aiming for ‘operationally sustainability’, which means the patient ...

  • NGOs part 1 – Pay your workers less

    NGOs part 1 – Pay your workers less
    9 May, 2017

    I don’t usually preface, but in this case it may help people dislike me less. I believe that NGOs go about much of their work the wrong way in Northern Uganda, to the point where some of them may do more harm than good. I’m writing a series of blogs on where I think NGOs ...

  • More than the worst thing we’ve done

    More than the worst thing we've done
    3 May, 2017

    “You have to wash! Look at you! I’ll tell the school matron to beat you if you don’t wash!” Kenneth’s mum scolds him, inspecting his uniform and behind his ears. Its visiting day at Gulu Primary Boarding school. Its true, Kenneth is looking a bit grubby. But he isn’t roaming the streets stealing and setting fire to ...

  • Clinic No. 3 – Borderline

    Clinic No. 3 – Borderline
    17 April, 2017

    Elegu is a “post-apocalyptic shanty town”, explained my wise anthropologist friend. If you only had four words and a hyphen, I don’t think anyone could do better. Arabic music floats out of Shisha bars. Rainbows of money flap in the wind held by flimsy rubber bands. A different language every 10 meters. Refugee intake point ...