Zane and Karen

Jakarta, Indonesia

Zane, Karen, William & Amelia are living in Jakarta, Indonesia where they work strengthening the church. They work in a bustling metropolis with a population of around 30 million.

William and Amelia attend an international school where they live out their faith, and hope to introduce friends to Jesus. They also encourage kiwi kids and Sunday schools to think about mission through their monthly “Kids on Mission” mailout.

As well as trying to settle the family and make their new city feel like home, Karen is building a relationship with the women with an emphasis on hospitality and discipleship. She hopes to open the Bible one on one, meet to encourage and pray with women linked with the parish, and build relationships within the expatriate community as well as with local women where possible.

Zane spends most of his time caring for an Anglican Congregation in the South of their city as an Associate Minister in their multi site parish which is part of the Diocese of Singapore. Zane’s emphasis is on teaching the Bible and drawing the mainly expatriate community together around God’s Word, while seeking opportunities to reach local people interested in knowing more about the Lord Jesus.

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