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New Role: Asia Network Coordinator

Asia is a region of the world that needs some of the most dedicated, strategic Gospel partnerships. The continent is a melting pot for the world’s major religions and is home to an incredible diversity of cultures. Many of its cities and economies are growing rapidly, in many places it is experiencing rapid cultural change due to globalization and many of its people have never heard the Gospel. But God is at work in Asia building his Kingdom through many emerging mission movements. NZCMS is therefore seeking to identify and work with strategic partners to support missional efforts of the Church in Asia.

To better fulfil this vision for Asia, we are establishing a new Mission Partner role based in Asia: the NZCMS Network Coordinator for Asia. This person will provide leadership and oversight for NZCMS in Asia, networking with strategic partners, identifying mission opportunities, developing synergies with our sister organisation AsiaCMS, deploying and supporting Mission Partners, and nurturing key Asian mission leaders.

The successful candidate will have a track record of significant accomplishments in mission engagement and cross- cultural/mission experience in an Asian Context.

For more information and a full job description, contact