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Private Jet gets Mission Partner Home

Just over a week ago, Dianne miraculously found herself flying back to New Zealand on a private jet. A Mission Partner to the Philippines, Dianne first arrived there 43 years ago in September, 1976. At that time, it was her first flight abroad and she had $80 in her pocket. At midnight on March 29, 2020, she flew into New Zealand for free aboard the jet.

After over four decades of ministry in the Philippines, Dianne had recently handed her position over and she was preparing to come to her New Zealand home. A farewell party was planned for her and she had even organised a trip to Israel before returning to Aotearoa. But these plans were all put on hold as the Covid19 pandemic spread across the globe. The opportunity to fly home via Singapore opened up but, just as the plane was booked and the tickets issued, all the borders were closed.

“Not only was I disappointed,” Dianne said, “I felt like a deflated balloon. Disappointed doesn’t even go near to how I was feeling! However Matthew 6:33 kept coming to me; “’Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.’”

And miraculously, God provided. Out of the blue, Dianne was invited to board a private jet flying directly from Manila to Auckland. With facemask on, Dianne boarded the plane.

"The rule given was that the plane could not leave unless I was on it!,” she said. “I felt like the Queen of Sheba!" Nine hours later, the plane touched down in New Zealand!

Dianne is currently under lockdown along with the rest of the country. When the time is right, she plans to return to the Philippines for a proper farewell. She would like to thank everyone who has been praying for her.

3 thoughts on “Private Jet gets Mission Partner Home

  1. This is real blessing i desire to to work with you,i am in Kenya.The work ministry is a blessing to many people that is the real meaning of of life.I would be glad to hear from you, be blessed

  2. only God can can work such a provision. He is ‘just the same..’ God be praised.

  3. What a wonderful provision for Dianne. No wonder she felt like the Queen of Sheba! We serve a God of miracles.

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