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Reflections from a Past Haerenga Intern

At the age of 18, the 2012 Haerenga Internship was an incredible journey in my character. It was also a chance to discover God’s love for me and for the world. With an invitation to “grow in my faith” after Confirmation, Bible College was the last thing on my mind. Why not join an overseas mission trip and sunbathe on the beach!? I pursued this idea and received far more than a crisp tan… Haerenga was an experience that nurtured my faith and challenged me to share it with others. My eyes were opened to a calling that desires more than just Sunday mornings, and my insecurity was transformed as I discovered a voice and the truth of the Gospel. God revealed himself, not as boring and distant, but as exciting, real and relational - a God of power and love. It was a huge encouragement to grow with other young Christians on Haerenga, and we realised that Christ’s Body is alive and active all over the world.

This exciting new journey never finished as Haerenga 2012 came to an end. Since returning to NZ, God has used my new joy for him and the skills I learnt to further his Kingdom. In 2013 I took hold of a wonderful opportunity to work as the South Canterbury Evangelism and Under 40s Enabler. God’s Kingdom continues to grow in my own life as well, and studying at Laidlaw Bible College has become a great reality. Jesus’ words in John 10:10 took on flesh during the internship. His promise of life “to the full” will remain true for the years to come, and for the many others who decide to step out on Haerenga.


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