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  • Whanau on mission

    Whanau on mission
    18 December, 2018

    We asked some families how they’ve taught their children to be missional. Kesh and his family moved to Christchurch in 2017. He is studying a Masters in Social Work and attends the Presbyterian Church where his wife, Esther, is an ordained Minister. To the Sabey family, mission is simply shining God’s light through our words and ...

  • Transformed by the Trinity

    Transformed by the Trinity
    30 November, 2018

    The early Christians were Jews and strict monotheists – believers in only one God. But they came to believe that God should be called both ‘one’ and ‘three’ at the same time. Their belief in the Trinity became a central belief (even though ‘Trinity’ is a Latin word not found in the Bible). What persuaded ...

  • Spiritual Warfare for Practical People (Intermission – Issue 36)

    Spiritual Warfare for Practical People (Intermission - Issue 36)
    19 October, 2018

    I woke up with my heart leaping from my chest. My mind and emotions were not at rest. I had made some decisions that might have impacted my family negatively. I felt a lack of communication and a tangible sense of unease in some of my primary relationships. I felt more tired than I thought ...

  • What is the Battle? (Intermission – Issue 36)

    What is the Battle? (Intermission - Issue 36)
    28 August, 2018

    The current issue of our Intermission magazine is about the ‘battle’ humanity finds itself in. The battle against spiritual evil. The battle against injustice. The battle against ourselves. There’s some pretty deep stuff in here. You may be thinking to yourself, “Jairus, I don’t actually think I’m in a battle.” Well, whether you believe you’re in ...

  • Note from the Editor (Intermission – Issue 36)

    Note from the Editor (Intermission - Issue 36)
    20 August, 2018

    NZCMS publishes a magazine called Intermission four times a year. Among other things it addresses missions work from a variety of angles, inspiring and encouraging individuals, small groups and churches all over New Zealand. This month we will be publishing our 36th Issue titled “Are you prepared for battle?” Harrison Ford says the following in a ...

  • Diaspora mission (Intermission – Issue 35)

    Diaspora mission (Intermission - Issue 35)
    27 June, 2018

    “Dad, can I show you a simpler way of doing that?” my teenage daughter remarked. I like to problem solve issues with my electronic gadgets but as I get older, I’m realising that I’m not as tech savvy as I was when I was younger. My digitally native teenage daughters have become my tech consultants. ...

  • Manaaki Mission Motivations: The Power of Hospitality (Intermission – Issue 35)

    Manaaki Mission Motivations: The Power of Hospitality (Intermission - Issue 35)
    20 June, 2018

    What Aotearoa New Zealand’s bi-cultural journey can teach us about our mission among the nations. Māori culture is a hospitality culture. We have a whakataukī (proverb), He tangata takahi manuhiri, he marae puehu — If people abuse or disregard their guests, their marae will be dusty. There is a play on words here with reference to ...

  • What is Intercultural Engagement? (Intermission – Issue 35)

    What is Intercultural Engagement? (Intermission - Issue 35)
    6 June, 2018

    I am partial to a good Sri Lankan curry – and I’m slowly learning how to make them. I line my curry leaves, cumin, cardamom, chilli, cinnamon and mustard seeds up on the bench. I grind and mix them with the other ingredients and then simmer them all together. Finally – and often salivating from ...


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