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Sophia’s Goodbye

Five and a half years ago Steve Maina took a chance in hiring an optimistic journalist to take on NZCMS communications. Since then it has been my privilege to help shape, carry and present the stories of our organisation.

This year (2015) my husband Andrew is beginning a degree in Theology at Sydney Missionary and Bible College in Australia. We are excited to relocate to Sydney and looking forward to what God has in store for us as we pursue and pray about entering full time Christian ministry as a family.

At this stage our plan is to return to New Zealand once study is finished but we are very open to different opportunities and would appreciate your prayers. We will be sending regular newsletters and updates. If you would like to stay in touch please email me at

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience working for NZCMS. The staff team, Mission Partners, Supporters and Council have all taught me so much and been such an important part of my time in the position.

Thank you to you all for welcoming a new face and helping me to become part of the NZCMS family. Over the years I have appreciated all the lovely phone conversations, face to face meetings and emails. I will never forget your kindness. It has not always been easy work, as communicating is an imperfect art and I am an imperfect person! Thank you for demonstrating grace to me when I messed up. Thank you for your encouragement of me when I did well.

It was my pleasure to continue working part time for NZCMS during 2014, producing the Our Story Aotearoa book at home while I took care of my son Guy (now aged 1). I’ve also been able to work alongside the new Communications Officer and am excited by what God is doing in and through him. I thank God so much for his provision in this area.

With a shift overseas and the promise of new challenges as a family I look forward with joy, knowing my time at NZCMS will set me in good stead for what God has in store. I look forward to remaining in fellowship with you all and continuing to be part of the NZCMS family.


Sophia and Andrew will be sending periodic updates to their friends and supporters. To sign up to the Sinclair's Newsletter click here.

If you are interested in helping support them - financially or in prayer - please reply to this email.