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Steve at St Andrew’s Hall

Last week Steve visited St Andrew's Hall in Melbourne. The following are some of his reflections while he was there.

I’m now sitting on my bed in my flat at St Andrew's Hall after a 3am start this morning (in order to leave Christchurch at 6.30am). I will be meeting the students in 20 minutes time. St Andrew's Hall is a small community of staff and students - students are called MITs, meaning Missionaries in Training.

Since they live in community, they get to know each other quite well. I was welcomed to my flat by Sharon, the house keeper. She was able to remember not just names but the unique aspects of each of the Kiwis that have trained here in the last few years - that's the sort of community St Andrew's Hall is! I’m thankful to God that CMS Australia has opened this place for NZCMS to train our long term Mission Partners for over 50 years.

In the hall way are photos and names of all those who have been trained here. From this place people have gone into all the world sharing the Good News of Jesus. The main focus of SAH is cross-cultural training - although I think many Kiwis find coming to Melbourne to be a cross-cultural experience in itself!

'Missionaries in Training' leave this place with great tools to help them minister effectively in other cultures. I believe the training at SAH has contributed greatly to the many years of cross-cultural service these Mission Partners have offered. As we celebrate 50 years of this partnership, it's only right to honour CMS Australia for their generosity.

"... in all my prayers for all of you I pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel." Philippians 1:4-5 NIV