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The Next Intermission

We're excited about the next issue of Intermission, the quarterly NZCMS magazine - so much so that we added an extra level of proofing into our quality-control processes (pictured above). Thankfully it passed the test!

A year ago I stumbled across a bookmark from 2008 and I've kept it attached to my desk ever since. This little bookmark listed the commitments shared by the NZCMS family, stating "In response to Jesus' Great Commission and in the fellowship of NZCMS I commit to: keep informed, pray regularly, give generously and go willingly."

rszbookmarkWe thought it's about time we re-explored what it means to belong to this CMS family of mission, and that's what this next Intermission will be about. Building on this original list (which we suspect goes back as far as the League of Youth days) we've identified 5 missional postures that are shared by missional people. We'll then go through each of these postures one-by-one over the course of next year, dedicating an issue of Intermission to each one. The clear emphasis we're making is that we are all called by God to be part of his global family of mission.

Here's our updated list:

  • We're all called to Belong

  • We're all called to Participate

  • We're all called to Pray

  • We're all called to Give

  • We're all called to Go

This a great time to sign up to be receiving Intermission, to invite your friends to sign up, and to consider whether your small group could use this Intermission as a discussion starter. (Or perhaps you could form a new small group that wants to explore what being missional in 21st century New Zealand can look like.) People can sign up to receive Intermission at or by emailing

If you're planning to use this Intermission as a study guide in your group, we'd love to know about it! We'd also love an indication of how many people are committing with us to live out these missional postures. You can email or use our contact form to let us know.