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Tough to Love

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I once heard a story of a missionary who was having a particularly difficult time. It wasn't just that things were rough, but there was a particular person who was doing anything he could to make life miserable.


If there's ever a time to respond with bitterness and resentment, this was it! Yet when this missionary's friends asked him about the situation, his response was quite remarkable. He said that he didn't know the extent to which un-love still lurked in his heart, and he praised God for using this person to reveal to him this lack of love. Rather than becoming bitter, he realized that God could use this difficult situation to transform him even further into Christ's own likeness.

Learning how to love the people in our life that we find challenging to deal with is often very difficult. In a recent sermon Greg Boyd looks at some biblical examples and instructions on how to love our enemies in the same way we love our friends. And here's a little snippet to get your thinking. (Full Sermon Here.)




Why is it difficult to love our enemies? Why is it difficult to love our friends, family, loved ones? What can we do to reflect God's love better?



How about we all try putting into practice the most radical statement that's ever been uttered this week: love your neighbour as yourself.