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Tribute to Kevin O’Sullivan

The New Zealand Church Missionary Society wishes to pay their tribute to Kevin, while also conveying their love and condolences to his family in their bereavement.

For two decades, in an unbroken term from 1964, Kevin served as Chairman of the CMS Executive. In this capacity he brought his total commitment as a layman and a lawyer to the promotion of mission overseas through CMS, while also at every opportunity commending the work of CMS to the wider Church here in New Zealand.

To this role he brought his own unique contribution of wit and wisdom, of practicality and pragmatism. He was as consistently involved in missionary support here in his home parish as nationally through the CMS Executive and the Anglican Board of Missions, and internationally through personal contact with Kiwi missionaries serving overseas and sister Societies in Australia and the United Kingdom.

As a loyal, life-long disciple of Jesus he was an inspiration to many. We thank God for his example. CMS owes so much to him.

“Well done, thou good and faithful servant”.


+Brian Carrell


NZ Church Missionary Society


The funeral was held in Palmerston North 2:00 pm on Wednesday.

One thought on “Tribute to Kevin O’Sullivan

  1. A man of God. He took opportunity to bring encouragement and faith based on the Word of God to those he spoke to. He was blessed with a clear legal mind, which he used to clarify passages of Scripture and Christan conduct and mission.

    I am just one Kevin spoke to during the walk through life.

    David Wood

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