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Update from Sophia, Andrew and Guy

After one semester we feel like we have chosen well in coming to SMBC. Being here has stretched our faith, challenged and encouraged us.

Andrew is particularly enjoying the regular chapel meetings and the pastoral care from the lecturers.

Andrew’s studies have gone well. He is really pleased with his first lot of results and feels encouraged to continue working and studying hard. Greek has been the hardest class to stay on top of and has taken the most effort. The class only gets more difficult for the 2nd semester so please pray for him.
Sophia is keeping very busy with her editing work for the Press Service International Young Writers’ Program. Her editing role also involves a mentoring and pastoral element as she communicates with the writers—giving them feedback on the theology and style of their writing.

Her work has included travel within Australia, and will include travel to New Zealand in September (18 September–3 October). Andrew and Guy will also join her for this trip. We will be in Wellington 18–19 September, Hawera 19–26 September, and Christchurch 26 September–3 October.

Both Andrew and Sophia have also been writing for Press Service International. Here are some links for anyone who’s interested.

So far this year Andrew has looked at how to answer the questions ‘how do I know heaven is real?’ and ‘should I share my exam marks with others?’ He has pondered what it means to annoy Jesus, considered his own predisposition for revenge, and explored the connection between Adam and Eve and getting high.

Meanwhile Sophia has written about why the Church should care about the Treaty of Waitangi, documented her experiences relocating to Australia and finding a new church family. She has also explored our society’s obsession with internet listicles and the idea that time is money. Her latest piece unpacks public shaming and mob justice in an online world.

Guy continues to be a cute little boy. He is walking around and getting into mischief. He isn’t properly talking yet but is very noisy and loves to baby talk.

We have settled into church at Petersham Baptist Church. The church is nearby and has been very welcoming to us. We hope to increase our involvement in the near future.

We have settled into our accommodation. It is treating us well and we get plenty of sun in the winter. The space is just what we need and we are very grateful to be provided with college accommodation.

A special thank you to our financial support team and prayer team. We really feel cared for by you all and are aware of God at work in our lives. Thank you so much for your love and care.


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