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Whose light?

We try our hardest to be the light. We let ourselves glow, flourish and burn. We fight to keep our fire blazing in the wind and we shout and jump when we see it beginning to die.

We study "how to manuals" and Youtube videos for how to get brighter and warmer. Our minds overflow with more and more knowledge for "the best way" to keep the light aglow.

We let others come and strengthen our light. We let others refuel our fire. They push the coals around and lay on the branches so that we can burn bright again and we readily accept.

And how glorious do we burn.

But it does not last. WE can not endure forever but we falter. For we have forgotten something. WE....cannot endure forever...because WE have forgotten something.

We have forgotten what the giver of the fire said. He gave us our lights as a gift and, true, we accepted it as that didn't we? With great celebration, joy and gratitude we understood that the little lights were given not through our own skill, efforts or attitudes but because of the love and desire of the Giver for us to be re-born.

But how often do we then, as our lights are burning strong, relinquish the great source of Life that we first accepted and begin to take over from his hand again?

We do everything in our power to keep the fire burning, as if receiving the gift and fostering the gift are two different things.

NO! They are the SAME.

He is the Giver. He is the fire. He is the light. It is not that we are given lights with grace and then told to protect them by our OWN efforts.

What would be the point of that? It would be counterintuitive personified.

Our great and amazing Lord gives us the Fire of Life and then asks for US to accept HIM as the one to foster it.

He asks us to receive a new garden of life, full of potential and then he comes to us face to face, voice to voice, touch to touch and ALSO asks to be the Gardener that is responsible for making it grow. And oh how great it will grow if we will just believe and trust his strong, scared hands over our own.

"Let there be Light," he said and there was. And then it's Creator Held that Light in place by his own power and will, not by any help on our part. He simply offered us the warmth of it's rays and told us to lay back on the grass and love them.

Let us let him hold that light in place. Let us release control of our Christian Growth just as we did relinquish any part we had to play in our Forgiveness.

Our Christian service is a life of trusting and receiving. That's all it has EVER been and that's all it ever will be.

Let us Let God, just be God.


Have you felt this same pressure? What can we do to better yield ourselves to God's work in our lives?


If you relate to the above, how about you find a way to hand back the responsibility for your ongoing growth to Author and Finisher of your faith (Hebrews 12:2).