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A day in the countryside

The door opened and I was greeted by a sauna like kitchen as the pulpo (octopus) boiled away on the old cooker. I had been invited for lunch at the family home of my friend. Her Mum greeted me and gave me a tour of their small, modest home. She proudly showed me photos of her children and grandchildren and in her bedroom I saw her collection of saints that she prays to. I barely understood her as she spoke a mix of Portuguese, Spanish and the local language. Help!

We ate the pulpo with potato and toasted with our drinks to life, according to her Mum a short life for her but long lives for us. It was a real honour and answer to prayer to be invited into a family home here and have a small taste of what life is like in a very small rural village.

Please pray for this family, that their hearts would be softened so that they too can know the incomprehensible love of God.

Future thoughts

I've just started what I'm hoping is my final semester of full time Spanish study. I am by no means fluent but I have a lot more words, grammar and understanding than when I first stepped off the plane. Praise God! So now my mind has turned even more to what will happen next! I'm hoping in July to complete a small Intensive Course and use it to prepare for an official exam to assess all areas of my Spanish ability.

Each Region of Spain is very distinct in its culture, traditions, foods etc. and so as I’ve learnt Spanish I’ve been learning the local culture as well. This region of Spain has many towns of over 5000 people where there is no known Evangelical Christian presence, so I have begun to think and pray about whether God wants to send a team into one of these towns and whether I should be a part of this team.

Pray with us and for us that we can have lots of God’s wisdom & guidance  and that we can know how to be sensitive to the people, culture & history of this Region.

(Photo by Dani Vázquez on Flickr.)