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A good start to the school year

Praise God for a very joyful staff and children’s opening dedication for this school year. We had a lot of people attend which was unexpected but the food covered everyone ... but only just!

The Bible College and the classes for the deaf have now swapped places. The Bible College is very happy in their 'new' facility upstairs in the building for disabled. And the disabled children are much better downstairs in the auditorium! A local Christian family gave our 24 children in our orphanage a new school bag each - a very generous gift that has been greatly appreciated! And after some weeks of preparation, the Bible College students went out to a local barrio where there is no church. As a result, 90 children were led to Jesus! One of our pastors has a real desire to build up these clubs, eventually opening Bible studies for parents so the clubs can grow into actual churches.

Please pray for the government program to get rid of drug lords and criminals… and safety for our new tough talking President! A couple of weeks ago the Philippines inaugurated a new president who is very different. He talks really tough… but he means what he says, and after 20 years as mayor of a difficult city in the past it's now a beautiful and peaceful city. So we know he can do it. He hates drugs and promised that in six months he will get rid of all drug lords and pushers. Recently he publicly named five Police Generals who were coddling drug lords and publicly dismissed them from their positions. (He had already warned them). The prison will be a future target as there are some 'prisoners’ with shabu laboratories in there! One in five barrios struggles with drug problems. He wants to bring the communist and other longtime insurgency groups to the table and he has a few in government positions already. But, if you don’t work you are out! The general feeling is a buzz of great anticipation! Everyone is listening and reading the news everyday… or else you might miss out on something!

One thought on “A good start to the school year

  1. getting all this news to a certain extent, takes the place of a CMS meeting
    I havent been to one for ages!!
    So thank you all you people who put this together
    Sometimes it is felt that the church is dying so it with huge encouragement that we can see that it isn’t
    Praise the Lord

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