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A New Arrival

We're delighted by the news of the birth of Immanuel John Hicks at the start of the month. Here's a short update from Tess about Immanuel's arrival.

The time around Immanuel's birth was a mixture of trials and grace. We all sailed to Honiara on May 10 to wait for the baby to arrive. As soon as we got there... we all came down with pink eye. Then Jon got malaria and was bedridden for a week! To top it off, I got a nasty sore on my foot which required a course of antibiotics. I was feeling very pregnant and uncomfortable as well. Through it all, we were convicted to ask God for strength and grace to suffer graciously, as well as to ask for protection from spiritual attack through physical set backs.

Our lovely American midwife, Rebekah, arrived on May 19. We got to do some fun things as a family that we can't usually do in the village: go out for ice creams, eat at cafes, swim in a pool, watch dances at the national museum, and watch a few movies with the internet working well.

20160623_172226_resizedOn the night of June 1, my contractions began at 9 pm. We filled up the inflatable birth pool and a few friends came to boil water to make the temperature right. Jon was a great support and at 5:35 am, Immanuel John swam into the world! He was alert and caught onto breastfeeding on the first go. We woke up the kids to see him still attached to me in the water. They were tired but very happy.

Jon and the kids went back first to the village a week after the birth while Immanuel and I stayed a week more to get him vaccinated and gaining weight. Our housegirl, Josephine, looked after us well so I could just rest and eat. On June 20 we flew back home which only took 30 minutes compared to 3-7 hours by boat. We are happy to be reunited.

Yesterday I came down with a fever and body aches, so today we went in for a malaria test. Thank God it was negative, so I may just be fighting off some kind of infection. I feel quite a bit better after sleeping a lot of the day. Please pray that I can get strong to be able to keep up with looking after the kids and house. Pray also for Jon as he preaches tomorrow and Sunday at two different churches.

We are grateful to you all at NZCMS. What a blessing to be a part of your team to serve the Lord.

2 thoughts on “A New Arrival

  1. Our congratulations and prayers for your all from the support people in Marlborough.

  2. Immanuel ( and why do I think it is Emmanuel) is absolutely and utterly delicious. And the photo is a perfect passport photo!

    And Tess darling, I hope you are over your fever and feeling stronger.

    I went up to Christchurch to the link church hui. The Holy Spirit ensured that I would go by enabling us to combine the trip with seeing our neighbour who is in the spinal unit there after a horrible fall, and my going to the hui.
    The hui was fantastic. What a great team at NZCMS. I’m so pleased you are still linked firmly with NZ.

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