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Almost there!

Jon's work permit has been granted. Now we're waiting for the visas to be approved.

We have moved out of Tess' parents' home in Boston, and are now in Stony Brook, New York with Jon's parents while we wait for our visas to be approved by Immigration in the Solomon Islands. Thanks be to God, we have 98% of our funding raised.  Next Monday we will begin homeschooling Avalyn (4th grade), Cohen (2nd grade) and Caeli (Kindergarten). We bought Ava and Cohen ukuleles for music this year, and Tess will be learning guitar along with them. Judah is quite taken with the uke, so we may have to get him one of his own.

Please pray over the next few days for a quick approval of our visas so that we can buy tickets for mid-September. We are so excited to arrive in our new tropical home and to be able to worship with our Christian brothers and sisters in Malaita.

Our training in Toronto was wonderful. Thanks for your prayers. The children were encouraged by their age-appropriate lessons and field trips. They learned about paradox, or "pair-o-ducks," while moving to a new culture. They were given two ducks, a "yay" duck and a "yuck" duck, to illustrate that there will be "yay" moments and "yuck" moments during our transition. There are good things and hard things about saying goodbye to friends and family here, and hello to new family and friends. Pray that all our kids will know how much they are loved and be secure in Christ while they experience transition.

Jon and I were encouraged to lean on Christ's strength and let his power be made perfect in our weaknesses. A sentence that kept coming into my mind was a petition to God to "expand the borders of my heart." I truly feel God breaking down existing boundaries and letting me receive grace and love from an ever-increasing community of believers. I also feel like he is leading me to go where I have not gone and trust him to give me the words to share his good news with those who need to hear them. God give us grace!

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