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An Update from Maori Evangelist Howard Karaka

Over these past months God has opened many doors to minister the Gospel on my marae, Te Kotahitanga in Te Kōhanga alongside the Waikato River. The word God gave me was: I have called you Te Hauoterangi to be my voice, here and now; just speak without ‘ compromise” and I will do what man cannot do.

In  September, we conducted our first Karakia Rātapu (Sunday service) at Te Kotahitanga Marae. This is a HUGE and exciting breakthrough, to have the support of my elders; and permission to conduct Karakia Rātapu on a regular basis. A huge number of those that attended were people that only recently, strongly opposed our faith, the church and anything they felt opposed Maori Tikanga.

The last time we had regular Sunday services was 1963...a long time ago.

Our second Sunday service at the marae, on October 18, was attended by 90 local Iwi. Many of our kaumātua (elders) attended with some travelling from as far as Rotorua, a 3 hour drive! Many of these people had not attended church for over 20 years apart from funeral services.

God is good. This ministry has been effective in regards to reaching the unsaved, unchurched and those who have a belief of spirituality but do not know the King of Kings. The Lord is turning the dried wasteland into flowing streams.

I praise God for the response of the Gospel in Te Puaha O Waikato. Praise Him for the huge growth of the Marae ministry.

Howard Karaka, Maori Evangelist in the Manakau City area of Auckland

2 thoughts on “An Update from Maori Evangelist Howard Karaka

  1. Howard, is this the marae where the little church was moved from one place to another long ago – but broke in the process? Is it near a cattle stop and access to a farm up on the hill? Maybe its not the one – but as a child I visited my grandma at a farm and the little church was to the right of the cattlestop and I know the marae has been really upgraded since those days ( 1950s and 60s)
    Grandma lived at Te Kohanga.. the Muir family. Over the years I have met Jesus and join in prayIng for you and your work with CMS.
    We hear the Huia calling!

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