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An Update from NZCMS Staff Janet

These last few months have been a real whirlwind for me as I have juggled both busy weeks at work and a major life change.  Next Waitangi weekend,  I will be moving to live near my Wellington-based daughter and her husband, prior to the arrival of their first child in early April. This also brings me closer to my Taupo based son and his wife. It was really valuable to take time in September to attend a retreat and experience a real sense of call to go, to live life as a hands-on grandmother and to dig deep into the community-life building that is happening in the Wellington Diocese.  I feel very privileged to have been appointed as a project accountant for the Wellington Diocese for the coming year.  It feels like a really logical progression from having dug deep into the missional life that is NZCMS. Pray for me, that I will transition well. The turnaround from one job to the next is rather short! I have committed to finishing both the Annual accounts and audit before I finish at NZCMS on February 4 and start my new role on Feb 15.  Pray also that I will make wise decisions as I evaluate accommodation options.

I have enjoyed my time with NZCMS very much. What an amazing group of Mission Partners, staff, Board and supporters you are.  Your passion for mission and working out your faith actively in a way that is both merciful and just is outstanding.  

Kia Kaha- Stand strong


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