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April’s Missional Movements

Each month we produce a list of key Missional Movements from our Mission Partners around the world - their comings and goings, notable achievements, new projects. These are also found in our monthly Prayer Fuel publication.

Tessa Laing’s church based community group, ‘Wakonye Kenwa,’ has launched a new campaign against ‘sachet alcohol.’ In Gulu even children can buy very strong gin for 25c in a small, concealable plastic sachet. The team will need strength and strategy this year – the fight will not be easy!

Edric Baker and the Kailakuri medical project recently hosted Jason Morgenson, an American doctor, for three weeks. Jason is learning about the project's administration so that he and his family can move there in October.

Dianne Bayley was visited last month by a team from NZ who were able to install twelve refurbished computers for the school’s computer room. They also brought upgrades for 30 other computers so they could install some required software. Dianne also visited NZ briefly for her nephew’s wedding and for some training with a small team from St John’s Rangiora who will be coming to visit her later in the year.

Miriam Tillman will visit NZ late April for her brother’s wedding.