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Back in Business

It was a privilege to spend 5 months away in East Africa, the UK and the Middle East. Our teenage daughters had such a great time over there connecting with friends and family – they could have happily stayed on. But you could see their ‘kiwi-ness’ coming alive as they entertained friends and family in Kenya with a haka.

I spent time meeting missional leaders in Kenya and the UK to explore the ‘reverse mission’ trend and learn from non-western missionaries serving in the UK. I’m still processing my reflections and will share my thoughts in due course. I’ve come back rested, refreshed and re-energized. I’m thankful to God for your prayers and for the wonderful team at NZCMS HQ that’s been led by Lesley – thanks for stepping up and doing such a sterling job while I was away!

During my spent time in Kenya, I also met with several church leaders to explore how they develop leaders to lead missional communities. This particular network of churches is planting several churches each year. Because of their carefully designed leadership training pipeline, they have no shortage of world class leaders ready to be deployed. I was also inspired as I spent time with CMS Africa, hearing their vision to see ’50 million families living in transformed communities and transforming Nations through their local Church by 2050.’ Wow! This made me think: is my vision too small? The impact of NZCMS League of Youth is still felt over 50 years on!  Do we need to consider how to lay stronger foundations for the changes we want to see 50 years from now? NZCMS’ vision is to see Jesus shaping every culture, every sector of society. The work ahead is immense and may last several generations, so let’s get busy investing well for the future so that generations after us will know the wonders of God (Psalm 71:18).

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  1. League of Youth certainly had a huge impact on me, it gave me a focus on life as well as friends all over the country, sometimes the world!

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