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Cambodian Commute

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive a motorbike through the busy streets of Cambodia? Here Phil Sussex takes us with him on his morning commute. Try not to smile as you watch him weaving in and out of traffic like a local.

Many thanks to Toby Sussex for editing this video!



2 thoughts on “Cambodian Commute

  1. Wow! what a commute. We had a great niece working at Hope School recently. We
    think they are just finishing up. So thanks for the arrow pointing to the school!

    God bless and keep you all. Sidnjane

    1. Hi Sidnjane
      We put this video together a year ago but CMS have only just posted it. That was the old Hope School site with an arrow (now a building supply shop!) as the main campus moved north at the start of the year. It’s now a few km south of the church clinic in the video (and just as rural). The clinic is still going well – just got back from working there all day! Phil

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