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Camping in the Balkans

We've decided to go to gathering of spiritual-seekers in the Balkans. We're having a fantastic time. We've been here for two and a half weeks with two weeks remaining. We came early to set up and with eight other internationals we built a kitchen, chain space, tipi, healing space, meditation space, bread oven and fire bath. We are now up to 40 people with the numbers growing everyday.

We're having amazing times with seekers from all over the world. Many here are exploring different areas of Buddhism though some are looking into other religions as well. We've been adopted by all as mum and dad. Nigel has especially enjoyed building and having conversations on Sufism and peace. A highlight for me is time with a Eastern European man who had quit his heroin addiction three days before he arrived. We've met so many amazing people but Nigel and I fall into our tent exhausted at the end of each day. Part of this is the intense conversations. I think the low protein vegan diet at the shared meals contributes as well. Our kids are having a blast and have made many friends.

Please be praying for wisdom, strength and protection. It's nice to know we are being prayed for.