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December – January Missional Movements

Partners in Asia made an unexpected return to NZ for the birth of their third child. Their time here in NZ is primarily for rest, refreshment and the birth of their child; they will not be available for speaking engagements.

Margaret Poynton arrived in Papua New Guinea in early November.

The Thornberrys are finding ways to better support refugees. Nigel will also visit Germany to train pastors to understand and integrate Syrians into their ministries – it’s expected 10-20 new churches will be planted next year due to the influx of refugees. Then in January, the family will be visiting a significant gathering of neo-pagans.

Murray and Féy Cotter have found a new church plant to partner with. The Kisha e Perendise (Church of God) church and church plant are in a densely populated suburb called Mëzez, on the outskirts of Tirana.

 Dianne Bayley, her team and up to 600 guests will be celebrating the 40th year of Children’s Bible Ministries in the Philippines on 22 January.